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Animal Feed

The modern animal feed mill with 160,000 square feet production area is situated at our Buxworth farm. Here we produce our own special blend of sweet meal for incorporation into cattle rations. We also produce all our own animal feed for our own pig breeding and fattening herd.

Human food co-products are used extensively in the production of all farm feeds produced.

The pig production is based over 3 farms. We operate a closed breeding herd - breeding our own quality pigs and see them all the way through to the fattening process.

Quality Breeders and Fatteners of Pigs

We produce approximately 18,000 pigs per year from our own closed breeding herd. We own two breeding units (a brand new unit in Nottinghamshire and one in Staffordshire). We have two fattening units in the High Peak area.

If you would like any information regarding pig production please contact us.



FEMAS Accredited Animal Feed

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